Sunday, July 30, 2006

So I am so hungry to write tonight. I have my "writer's" cardigan on. Nah... not really, it's just cold in my house so I did throw on a sweater. I have a big blue ceramic mug with about one ounce of Riesling left in it. I am so excited about my new blog, my new friend, and the prospect of free therapy. I'll say it again, in my other blog I tend to self censor and try to be a more charming, witty charicteur of me. I want a place where I can be me, no pretenses. Just me and my voice. Oh and the other thing I do in that blog ,because so much of it is about the kids, is that I imagine one day it will be printed out and bound in leather for my kids to share with their kids and so on. So ya see I need this here blog. I hate mentioning periods and saying bad words over there infront of the kids(and their kids and so on). This is like the "bar" blog to my other "coffee shop" blog. Hells yeah. My other thing is I want to connect to other writers. That whole Blog Her thing got me thinking about community and how I dont have one. I am a totally obscure blogger and am I missing out? Is that like half of the whole thing? Damn I am articulate. I write just to write but like all these people write and read each other and banter back and forth. Am I like supposed to do that too? Is the point of blogging to be really exposed? Not just sorta exposed like I am at over at the coffee shop blog. Oh my Gosh I love reading the likes of Amalah, Mir, Dooce, and Notes From the Trenches and so many others. It was so strange to see them all out there in some Surreal Life like convention. Hey I have another question Blogosphere...... When I write after I have read the hell out of those bloggers, my style seems to mimic theirs. Is that bad or am I just reading alot of one genre and writing in that same sarcastic mommy blogger vane. English majors, writers, anyone? Their style is so crisp though. I think they are just excellent writers and my brain likes it. Again, I am such a wordsmith tonight. Please publishers get off my back. I'll call you back as soon as I run it by my agent, sheesh. Gawd I am an amatuer and need to be schooled.


At 10:45 AM, Blogger Tonya said...

I SO understand about censoring yourself on your other blog. I posted not too long ago and put a PG-13 rating on it. I usually try to watch what I say in case my kiddos stumble across it.

I envy the relationships that other bloggers seem to have. I have three regular readers who comment, 2 every day and 1 more so than in the past. I want to form new friendships through this blogging adventure. That was a major reason I started it in the first place. Slowly but surely I'm hoping to get more exposure and maybe pick up a few new regulars on the way.

And, I, too, start writing in their style if I've been reading them right before I post. But I also pick up on other people's accents when I am talking to them, especially the Texas twang (as if my Oklahoma hick wasn't enough).

At 1:56 PM, Blogger Toasty said...

Good, I thought I was just a big geek.for absorbing other's style. DId you read all the BlogHer accounts? I felt like a loser that week. I'm like wait I have no online friends. I'm such a loser!


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